Online file storage is here to stay. It’s an integral part of life now. And it has proven to be the best and most convenient way to store, organise and share files.

With content of any type and of any format exploding globally, millions of people are now turning to new content management solutions to better organize what they read, watch, listen to, learn, teach, or produce.

However, the same problem still persists: content is scattered everywhere: files in cloud services, weblinks in bookmarking services etc.

Tagmmer has launched a new and intuitive platform that allows you to store, share, read and organize your files on a single app. And it’s visually appealing.


Think of Tagmmer as a personal, social library in the cloud for all of your content: web articles, blogs, eBooks, PDF, PPT, Word, Photoshop, HD videos, Youtube videos, music, pictures, etc. Tagmmer’s content management platform merges Dropbox with Pinterest.

Here is what Tagmmer offers its users: 

1. You get 30Gb of free storage (yes, 30GB) for any of your files whether they are PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, Video, Pictures, Music, eBooks, etc. + Illimited for your weblinks.

2. You can centralize & organize your files and your weblinks into Boards that are like very visual folders. Boards can be open or 100% private.

3. You can display your content through 4 visual ways: dynamic à la Pinterest, thumbnails à la Youtube, list à la Dropbox and picture à la Instagram.


4. You can share open or private content/Boards with whomever you want through a secured weblink on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

5. You can discover new content searching by keywords or through the 37 categories. You can also follow people and subscribe to any open Board.

6. You can use Tagmmer as a collaborative tool that allows you to share with colleagues, customers, students, etc. your most valuable content.

Join Tagmmer today for free.