Reputation is everything for every business. Ever wish you could scrub negative comments, reviews and embarrassing content about your business from the internet? It’s harder than you can imagine because we have little control over the way we appear on the internet.

No matter the size of your business, prospects, existing customers, partners and, potentially, everyone can talk about your company online.

One negative review or website can destroy the trust you’ve spent years building and drive away thousands of potential customers.

People can freely tweet about your product, leave comment on your blog, post a Facebook update about their customer experience, and even write a whole blog post about everything your business is not doing right.

The effect of a terrible review, a critical blog post, or a rant from a disgruntled ex-employee sitting in one of the top 10 Google spots can be devastating for any business.

You may not be able to stop people from writing about your business online but the good news is, you can take control of your online reputation.

Profile Defenders has essentially cracked the code for managing your reputation online. The company’s online reputation management service helps businesses, individuals, and startups fix up their image online. Being the only company that has developed a proprietary process for removing, erasing, and de-indexing negative web content.

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The company has come up with a variety of complex solutions, based on some of the most advanced tools available, to completely remove all negative listings about a company, as well as provide future monitoring services aimed to detect whether or not new scam reports are made – and eliminate those as well.

Profile Defenders

Profile Defenders’ reputation repair process

1. Effective search techniques

The first step is to find these negative sites. To do this, the company uses the most up-to-date search methods and tools. Their expertise helps them to identify keywords and phrases that will lead them to these sites.

2. Removal of undesirable information

They have a wide range of techniques for getting them removed. Years of experience have taught them methods that work to get this negative information buried.

3. Replacement with positive information

Profile Defenders go one step even further and replace the negative reviews with positive ones. They employ several methods which provide truthful, real positive information about your company or profile. Nothing is falsified or untrue. And they provide you with real press that will not look forced, suspicious or self-promoting.

4. Ongoing monitoring

Because new posts can appear at any time, They will keep an eye on what’s being said about your company and make sure your reputation stays clean and accurate.

You can contact Profile Defenders today for a free quote.