Every business owner has ambitions of making it big and being successful. But, sometimes you have to think small, to become big. Before you take on the world, you have to dominate the local market. On that note, here are three killer ways you can promote a small business locally:

An awesome company website

Some small business owners think they don’t need a website. You’re only small, and you want to draw in a local business, why should you have a website? Surely it’s just a waste of time and money? Well, it’s not.

In fact, it’s probably one of the best marketing tactics around today. Creating a company website will give you a new way of reaching your target audience. In this case, you want to promote to the local community. A website lets you do that with ease. You see, when people search for companies, they tend to get some listed in ‘local search results’.

These will be all the relevant businesses that are close by. Say you want to find a marketing agency, you type it into Google, and there will be some local results of nearby businesses. It’s your job to get your business into these local search results.

One way you can do this is to register your business on Google. If you go here https://www.google.com/business/, you’ll be able to do just that. Then, your company appears in local results, and on Google Maps too!

As well as focussing on local results, you should work on improving the organic SEO of your site. By doing this, you ensure that you end up higher up in organic search results. This refers to all the normal results you see.

The higher up you are, the more likely people will click on your website. Plus, it’s the mark of a respectable business to be one of the top results in Google.

Finally, it’s important to note that you have to make your website as amazing as possible. Don’t think you can cut corners and design a cheap one. It must look professional and live up to current website standards.

The good news is, it won’t cost a lot for you to design a website. There are sites like Wix that allow you to build and design a website in no time at all. Plus, the cost is relatively cheap too.


When you’re talking about ways to market a business to a local audience, sponsorships are one of the best things ever. To be clear, I’m not talking about your business getting sponsorships. I’m talking about you sponsoring things.

It’s a great way to promote yourself and ensure that local consumers know about your business. But, what are the best things for you to sponsor?

Starting off, I highly recommend you sponsor some events. No doubt there will be loads of different events on throughout the year. Most places will have summer events and carnivals/festivals.

You should offer to sponsor events like these, and you’ll get your name out there. Your business will get mentioned whenever people see things that talk about the event.

On every poster, your name and logo will be visible. At the event itself, you’ll have your brand everywhere. In fact, you could even give out a few free merchandise to people too.

The people organizing the event will also give you a shout out and make people thank you for the sponsorship. It’s a thoroughly effective way of turning an unknown business into a household name.

Another thing you could sponsor is local sports teams. I’m sure there are lots of different sports teams in your area. All of these will be looking for companies to sponsor the team.

It’s a great way of getting your brand logo out there and increasing awareness. And, because these teams are local, you’ll be promoting to your target market.

The great thing about sponsorships is that it’s a victory for both parties. You get to promote your business, and a sports team gets their kit paid for. All in all, sponsorships are a fantastic idea.

Commercial Videos

A great way to get your business into local homes is by creating commercial videos. Make a video advertising your business, and get people to watch it.

There are two key things to consider here, how you create the video, and how you get people to watch it. Firstly, we’ll look at how you create the video.

Creating a commercial video is easier said than done. If you have no video production experience, then you’ll find it hard. You could probably film a short advert, but I bet it won’t look very good.

And that’s not me being harsh, it’s me assuming you don’t have the expertise needed. Instead, you should look for companies like Suite Spot that specialise in video production.

Companies like these can produce the commercial video for you. The result is you having a professional looking video on your hands. When people see it, they’ll be amazed by the production value.

It’s incredible how a high-quality video can make someone think twice about a business. The public will think you’re professional and take things seriously.

Now, how do you get people to watch this super amazing commercial video?

To start, you should try and get it on local TV stations. This way, it will be broadcast to local people, throughout the day. Essentially, you’re forcing your business into people’s homes. It’s a splendid way of promoting a small business locally.

Next, turn to the internet. Remember that website we spoke about earlier? Upload your commercial video to the home page so people can see it.

Then, post it on social media to increase awareness. Try and get friends and family to share the video too, so it reaches more people in your area.

Like I said, you have to ensure you dominate the local market before moving on to bigger things. Promote your business locally, and you’ll soon have tonnes of customers. Then, you can focus on expanding and reaching a wider audience.