Millions of people now use dozens of apps to save, organize, and share their content. But one of the biggest pain points we all have   is that our vital information is fragmented across different platforms.

Most people have an average of 40 apps installed on their phones and interact daily with at least 10, which more often than not include, two email accounts, two messengers, two shopping applications, two apps to get news, (more than) two social networks etc.

All of these apps are constantly throwing content at you in the form of notifications, and, (whether by design or not) there seems to be a lack of a model to connect all these apps together.

Cubeit wants to help you save, organize, and share your content from different apps in one place.


Think of a Cube as a container to put any digital content — links, documents, videos, photos, music — anything at all. Just share content to Cubeit from any app and it will be saved, organized, summarized, and made shareable.

Cubeit‘s interface intelligently learns what you would like to do with your data and shows you only what you need.

The search feature spans multiple apps, and gives results based on context, so you find exactly what you want when you want it.
Cubeit also makes it easier to talk to friends about what you love.

List of supported apps and services


A shared Cube makes it easy to talk about the things you care about with your friends. Cubes support links, files, tweets, videos, maps, and much more.

Try Cubeit for free today. Cubeit is available for download at the Google Play Store.