It pays to be an entrepreneur. But contrary to what you may believe, entrepreneurs work twice as hard to be awesome at what they do.

Entrepreneurship allows you to your own boss and work on your own terms, compared to be an employee of a company.

With the bad scenario in British companies and the negative reviews from employees regarding bad behaviour from employers, pressurized working culture and verbal abuse, employees are leaving their jobs and turning to be entrepreneurs.

A recent survey of more than 100 people by OnePoll for Reed Commercial revealed that 70% of Brits have made a decision to be become entrepreneurs.

And that decisions was heavily influenced by their dislike towards their previous boss.This is considered to be the major reason behind Brits switching over to entrepreneurship.

Moreover, whopping 100% of 18-24 year olds admitted that becoming their own boss was heavily encouraged by the way they were treated during their previous role of employment.

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Here is why most Brits are turning to entrepreneurship as a career option.

1. Recession 

Recession has played a major role in switching over to entrepreneurship. 20% of respondents prompted to start their own company due to redundancy. They had a fear that the existing company may shut down or there may be a lay off.

2. Turning hobby into Business

Many employees simultaneously follow their hobby which later on turns into business.  Few are infleunced by family and friends. Whatever you are passionate about, be it the photography or any other artistic work, it can be a great thing to turn it into a business. You can monetise your passion and be profitable.

3. Bad working past

The survey revealed how their previous bosses overpower their staff. Arrogance and unprofessional behaviour are the two major reasons why employee leave their job and start their own business.

4. Need to Work in respectable environment

Employees like to work in respectable environment where they are treated well by employers. With 34% of them as a franchisor or a franchisee, it is evident that the candidates simply wanted to run an organised environment which offers security.

5. Getting into different sectors

Brits employees working in sectors like charity, healthcare, hospitality and events managing, media and the Internet, public services and administration have expressed how bad attitude of previous employers have led them to work on their business.  

All those who worked in science and pharma sector have now turned into franchisers themselves.  Entrepreneurs are trying their hands on different sectors to gain success and work on self-reliance.

In the past few years, entrepreneurial potential has increased in Britain, with 41 per cent of those surveyed saying they can imagine themselves starting a business.

For them, time has become the most important resource and give them better opportunity to work under better and balance life.

As per Reed Commercials survey, starting own business can offer people to earn extra income and also have set life by being own boss.  However, one needs to carry certain entrepreneurial qualities like desirability, feasibility and stability.

Instead of job hunting with little or no success, you can start your own business instead. Entrepreneurship is a viable career option if you approach it with the right mindset and get the resources and help you need. Starting a business is not easy but you never know what you can do until you try.