When you buy a brand new car, the alloy wheels on it look so good you could eat your dinner off them! They look polished, glossy and sleek. The trouble is after a few years they start to look worn and lackluster. At that point, car owners usually have three choices.

First of all, they could replace them with brand new wheels. Second, they could buy another brand new car. Although that option is rather extreme, I’m sure you’ll agree! Perhaps the most popular choice of all is to have them refurbished.

When it comes to starting an auto company, alloy wheel refurbishing is one of the most lucrative. For a start, the initial outlay is lower compared to setting up a mechanical repair shop.

Plus, you don’t always need to source different parts. That’s because you’ve got everything you need already. Regardless of the customer’s make and model of vehicle!

Here are some of the advantages of setting up such a business this year.

Everyone’s wheels will need refurbishing at some point

It doesn’t matter if vehicle owners spend hours each weekend cleaning their autos. Things like brake pad dust and rocks from the road can damage wheels. The only way to avoid not having damaged wheels is by never driving your auto!

Of course, most people buy cars, trucks and other vehicles to drive them each day. And a good percentage of those folks want to keep their vehicles looking great. Rather than buying a set of new wheels, it’s cheaper to have existing ones refurbished.

Irrespective of today’s economic events, you’ll always have a regular supply of customers. When you start a business, that’s the thing you need to bank on!

It’s easy to learn how to refurbish wheels

Let’s say you have zero experience with refurbishing alloy wheels. The good news is you don’t need to spend years doing a college course to learn the art. It’s something you can pick up pretty quick!

The Internet is full of tutorials that show you how to refurbish alloy wheels. You can even spend some time on YouTube to see how it’s done by the professionals.

You don’t need lots of stuff

To set up a professional alloy wheel refurbishing business, you will need the following:

  • Suitable commercial or industrial premises;
  • Dust extraction system;
  • Powder coating gun and dry powder in various colors;
  • Compressor; and
  • Protective suit including dust mask.

Of course, it makes sense to invest only in the best powder coating equipment. Remember the saying: buy cheap, buy twice! Spend a little extra to get tools that will last you for years.

Invest in a welder and grinder

You should ideally buy a MIG welder and related accessories. Some of your customers may have wheels that have chunks of metal missing out of them. To create the perfect finish, you’ll need to do some welding on the wheel’s rim.

Once that gets done, you’ll have to grind the excess welded metal down so that you’ve got a uniform finish. Last, but not least, you can powder coat the wheels.¬†As with powder coating, learning to weld and use a grinder is straightforward.

Look into alloy wheel refurbishing business if you want to start a business in the auto industry without necessary selling cars.

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