Emails are important but they are overpowering business communication. It pays to have a conversation with your customers. Focusing on good customer communication is crucial  to the long-term success of your business.

You can anticipate the customer’s need for change and adjust where necessary to meet customer demands. Learning how to communicate can significantly increase customer acquisition and retention.

Nudgespot wants to help businesses to better communicate with their customers. Nudgespot is a messaging platform that lets you acquire customers and engage them via in-app messaging, email and push notifications. Messaging makes it simpler, personal and more effective.


The company wants to help marketing and customer success teams change the way they talk to their customers. The platform has a multi-channel marketing automation core plus a real-time messenger that lets you track user activities and behaviours and trigger messages using the channels that work best.

You can also broadcast messages to every user who arrives on your site, or customize messages based on your outbound campaigns.

You can use Nudgespot on websites (to talk to your visitors), webapps (to talk to your customers) or mobile apps (Android or iOS).


The Nudgespot Messenger is a clean, compact, floating chat widget that sits non-intrusively on your homepage. You can

  • Enable a floating message to fade in and out next to this widget
  • Show notifications of new messages to encourage users to click and view your first message to them using the messenger.
  • Ability for users to view conversation history
  • Color and design customizations to match the design of your site

You get to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors by getting to know them better over time. There’s no limit to how many colleagues you can add to support customers on a query and resolve it faster.

There is also no limit on how many customers or visitors you can chat with since your lifetime free account at Nudgespot does not come with pay per visitor/customer pricing.