Communication is a vital part of every successful business because everyone needs to be on the same terms. As such, you need to try and improve your communication techniques if you want to improve as a business.

One way to do it is to invest in digital communication. It may sound a little contradictory communicating remotely, but digital communication is the future.

With the right tools, you can communicate from anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. Plus, they don’t cost a fortune. In fact, most of them are free.

To get the most out of your strategy, you should only invest in the best technology. Here are the tools that every business must-have if they want to take DC seriously.

1. Remote storage

Remote storage is also commonly referred to as ‘the cloud’. ‘The cloud’ is a space where you can download all your files remotely without having to store them physically.

The benefits are massive for business, especially an SME. The main advantage is that you can keep all of your files in one place and access them from anywhere in the world.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you’re onto a winner. You will come across client portal after client portal in your search. So, make sure you research them before you make your final choice.

2. Business email account

You may set your employees up with an email account for one reason: to communicate with clients. And, although that is fine, it’s a waste of an email account.

Instead, use their email account as a remote messaging board. Every time you need to contact them or tell them about development, you should email them.

Not only does it get to them in an instant, but it is also a formal form of communication. That way, you have the informality of emailing and still keep your professionalism.

3. Instant messaging service

You can take emailing one step further with an instant messaging service. Instant messaging services are much more informal. But, they tend to increase the speed of correspondence.

All you have to do is click on the notification on your phone and respond, much like you would with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a good example of a platform that you can use in the office because it’s free and everyone has it on their phone.

But, you can always use another like Google Hangouts iMessage. The only problem with iMessage is that you need an Apple device. As such, it can exclude some of your employees.

4. Interactive work platform

That is just a fancy name for a piece of software that allows the office to view each other’s work. Now, it’s important to remember that you aren’t doing this so that everyone can critique the work – far from it.

You’re doing it so that your team can collaborate on projects and make changes without having to move. Take Google Docs as an example. As long as the person gives you permission to open the link, you’re free to make edits and view the document.

Businesses lose lots of time deliberating over changes. But, that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. You can merge this with your email account as you get Google Docs when you sign up to Gmail.

5. Social media accounts

Notice that accounts is plural. One account won’t do because all of them are advantageous to your business. The difference between social media and the above is that it isn’t for your employees.

You can use Facebook Messenger to communicate internally, but that is just a bonus. Instead, you want to use it to communicate with your customers. Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, yet you might not reward them.

For example, do you communicate with them on a daily basis? No, probably because it’s too much hassle. With social media, it is far from hard work.

All you have to do is send out a tweet or post a picture on Instagram, and everyone can communicate. By doing this, you can make relationships that last for a very long time. Plus, you can also find out more about their shopping habits.

These five are just a taster of the tools that you have at your disposal. There are more that will transform your business into a model of modern communication. And, increase your chances of success in the process.