Are paper business cards still relevant for networking and connecting with others today? Yes, they are. Digital tools have not replaced business cards. And they won’t replace them anytime soon.

Some people will argue that business cards have lost their edge. But as long as humans interact with each other and we continue to emphasis the value and importance of personal relationships in life and business, exchanging contacts online won’t be the only way to build connections.

Engaging in physical conversations will continue to be important to every business professional. And exchanging well designed business cards will still be one of the best ways to end an actual conversation at any event or conference.

Most people today don’t use them the same way as they did some years back. But don’t rule out business cards. They are still great tools for marketing your your business or services.

LinkedIn has not rendered business cards obsolete. Digital tools are complements for your physical business cards. They have changed how we use them. Your physical business card offers you an amazing opportunity to share your digital accounts and links to your work with your new contacts and business acquaintances.

The value of industry meetings, conferences and events cannot be overemphasized for new businesses that are trying to build partnerships. The physical exchange and engagement at such places of interest to your business creates connections that cannot be replicated by any digital account.

Moo business cards

People network to make meaningful connections, and sometimes using digital technology can be impersonal. A business card is often the first impression people have of your business. It’s important to get it right!

A memorable physical business card can still do a lot more for business professionals who travel a lot to close deals or acquire new customers. The only way to make a valuable business connection at trade shows and conferences is by carrying business cards and given them away at the opportune time. Business cards make you look professional. And they provide tangible information for others. They literally put a face to your business.

A well designed business card can stretch a conversation even further. You will not only leave your new contact impressed with your creative card, they could talk about your brand even further with others. If designed with great and better paper, your cards will continue to market for you for a very long time.

Print on demand companies like MOO offer business professionals the ability to create custom premium business cards that last. And they are available in super, Luxe and green paper (with Gold Foil, Spot Gloss or Raised Spot Gloss).

MOO’s Business Cards+, embedded with an NFC chip, triggers digital actions. You can display your chosen information – like your website, or online shop or downloadable app.

Design your business cards with simplicity in mind. if you want your business card to make a great impression, like most design, simple is better. Keep it clean and uncluttered. Don’t use fancy fonts.

Moo business cards1

Simple colors like black, dark or even medium gray always work beautifully. Your business card should reflect well on your business or services. It should easily convey who you are and what you value.

Think about how much impact hundreds of cards can make at all those conferences and business events you have attended in different cities. Your business card will always working for you.

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