The conventional approach to brewing beer takes hours. It’s a messy process. And it involves specialized techniques and a number of different pieces of equipment.

ArtBrew wants to change that. ArtBrew is an automated beer machine that allows you to brew your own beer right in the comfort of your home.


Artbrew is a self-contained device that performs all the steps of brewing beer, enabling users to create a wide range of professional quality craft beer recipes with virtually no effort or knowledge of beer brewing technique.


Artbrew can brew 6 liters of beer at a time. About the size of a small microwave oven and featuring a modern, industrial design look, Artbrew is intended for countertop use.

Here is how it works

With ArtBrew, a craft brewer simply adds water and a pre-packaged container of materials to ArtBrew and sets the device into action. ArtBrew alerts the user to each required step, such as “add water” and so forth.

With instructions from its built-in digital interface or a mobile app, ArtBrew will start to brew automatically – including mesh, boiling, filtering, cooling, fermentation and storage.

Once the brewing cycle is complete, the Artbrew holds up to 6 liters of chilled beer, ready for serving from a built-in tap on the device. Or, users can take beer out to serve in a “mini-keg.”

The ArtBrew appliances uses sensor technology and mobile app to update the user on the status of the beer being brewed. Smart controls keep the brewing process accurate and stable, giving the user consistent taste for each batch created from the same recipe.  The technology enables users which to hone recipes and design their own craft beer variants.

Whether you create your own brew from scratch or you use one of our Brewer Packs, you’ll be able to experience the fresh, full, aromatic taste of micro-brewery quality beer right from your kitchen counter.

You can sync your ArtBrew to your mobile device to be notified when each stage of brewing has been completed. You can even share the progress on social media!

The ArtBrew app provides users an alternative control method for the machine, and it’s fully loaded with a recipe library that contains hundreds of recipes collected from the world’s most famous breweries, access to brewing process tracking with a real time curve, market access to all ArtBrew products and accessories, user notification of machine status and much more.


ArtBrew crowdfunding campaign is live on Kickstarter! 50% OFF for early birds.

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