Business has become increasingly digital, so we do a lot of our communication online. It’s no longer necessary to send a letter to somewhere when you can email them.

However, there are still many things you can’t send over the internet. Businesses can’t receive their stock digitally; it needs to be delivered. Although a lot of paper can be cut out of the equation, some things still need to be sent through the mail.

For example, you might have papers that require a handwritten signature. If your business has to use the postal service and delivery companies a lot, it can get expensive. Find ways to save with the tips in this article.

Compare services

Never simply choose the first shipping or delivery service you come across. You might be in a rush to send something, but you can take the time to look at your options.

Comparing different service providers will help you make sure you get the best deal every time. Some people might find one courier service they like and stick with it. But you might prefer to compare prices every time you have to ship something.

Whenever you send something out, you might discover that the cheapest company last time isn’t the same one the next time. As well as looking at price, don’t forget to compare other important factors like speed.

Use a postage meter

A postage meter allows you to handle your own mail. You can weigh it out and print labels for everything you need to send. This can save you money because it means that a postal worker doesn’t have to do these things for you.

If you want to use this option, you often need to have a certain amount of mail. It can work well for small businesses who don’t have huge warehouses and delivery processes.

If just one or two people are boxing up your orders and sending them out, a postage meter could help you save money.

Use consolidation

Sometimes you might have a shipment that isn’t large enough to fill a truck or other transport mode. In these cases, it can mean you’re paying for space you don’t need. One of the best options to consider is using consolidation.

You can share a shipping container, truck, or other space with another company. You’ll be matched up with other people’s goods so that you can fill the space required and split the costs.

Reduce your packaging

It might seem like a no-brainer, but have you tried to reduce your packaging? It cuts down on the size and weight of your deliveries. Sometimes it’s necessary to have plenty of padding in a box or envelope.

However, in other cases, you’re using a box that’s far bigger than it needs to be. Consider whether you can add to the different sizes of packaging you have.

If you have a range of sizes, you might not have to put something in a box that’s much too big because it doesn’t fit in the smaller option.

Making changes to your postage and deliveries could save you a lot. Small savings each day will add up to become more significant.

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