Most people would love to invest, but have little or no experience. Others don’t know where to begin and have no one to turn to when they need help. Wevest wants to change that.

Wevest connects people to invest together and smarter. It allows you to replicate trades made by others so you can skip the trial and error in the stock market. Never again will you invest alone, especially if you are a beginner.


It allows people with less understanding of the markets to see what more experienced investors are doing. It’s ideal for people who don’t know how to trade – they can simply mirror more experienced traders.

Once you attach your assets to an expert, it is all automated from there. When the trader you mirror sells, you sell, all in real time, for top automated investing, then you choose to gift a portion who you followed if you made a profit.

Wevest gives you the opportunity to mimic the investment moves of the professionals. It seeks to bypass many of the headaches involved in trying to invest.

Its trading platform allows you to sit back and let others trade for you. No more having to time it perfectly.

Wevest will launch its beta version soon. Take the first step and join the waitlist at Secure your spot when they launch!