In recent times, health and wellness concerns continue to increase in importance among millions of consumers. The reasons vary from societal, demographic, technological, and most importantly, a shift in consumer focus on the role diet plays in health.

The idea of using food to manage health may, in part, help explain growing consumer interest in fresh, natural and organic products.

The Food industry is therefore constantly trying to innovate and come up with novel ideas for you to nourish, hydrate, recover or lose weight.

The story of Bounce Foods started in Australia over 10 years ago, with husband and wife team Andy & Paula Hannagan. Their passion in life has always been helping other people to reach their full potential.

Andy was a personal fitness trainer and business coach; Paula was also a personal trainer and life coach. Together they saw the need for a truly healthy, super-nutritious and genuinely tasty snack and Bounce was born.

Bounce Foods provides healthy energy ball snacks to active, health-conscious customers. It’s a healthy choice for people snacking on the go. They’re a convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy.

Bounce Foods

Their mission at Bounce is to inspire positive change in the way people eat, think & live – through great nutrition, leading an active lifestyle and being mindful and caring of others. It’s a powerful way of being that’s gaining momentum.

Depending on the country, they’re in health food stores, gyms, juice bars, cafes, are now beginning to launch in into major grocers. The Bounce Energy Balls come in a good selection of flavours/ingredients, including Almond, Cacao Mint, Cashew and Pecan, Coconut Macadamia, Fudgie Walnut, Peanut, and Spirulina and Ginseng. Each flavour has its own intended benefits, ranging from slow-releasing protein energy to anti-oxidant and high fibre benefits.

In an interview with Microsoft, Mark Tanous, CEO of Bounce Foods shared how the company’s growth has affected its ability to deliver what customers want and when they want it.

He said:

“Being in a high growth mode was great, but it caused some struggles. To address them, we found better tools to keep track of processes, resources, information that supports that great customer service response. Back in the early days, I managed the business on with spreadsheets and the work was done within a small team. But because we’ve quadrupled in size over the last few years, we turned to technology to share documents, to talk to each other more easily. We must ensure we hit our targets for getting back to each and every customer with quick, accurate information.”

Mark further explained, “For a number of years, we ran the business on Sage, which supported us to a certain level. But as we grew, the business became more complex. We needed a different, more scalable solution, particularly around stock. We needed to have a real-time view of the entire supply chain; to look at orders and to account for inventory on a daily, or even hourly, basis. We decided to move to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Azure to support the bigger challenges growth brought us.”

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides business solutions that give Bounce Foods real-time visibility to what is urgent, and allows management to see where resources are needed as projects unfold.