The uncomfortable truth is that every productive technology that’s meant to help us do better at work is increasingly becoming  a distraction. What most of us do is put off thinking about the problem, or even admitting there’s a problem.

But ignoring the problem, pretending it doesn’t exist … that doesn’t make things better. Once you’re aware of the distractions and urges, you can start to examine the causes and find solutions to them and actually take action to stay on the productive path.

Sometimes, distractions, of course, are often about the fear of missing out, but it’s about finding the focus you need to create and to work on what’s important. Don’t allow your life to seep away through digital distraction. Live consciously and be productive by deciding how you want to spend your time each day.

The most effective way to combat digital distractions is to be prepared to do whatever it takes to exercise control in your life. Start getting rid of distractions by paying lots of attention throughout the day to what hijacks your attention. Have a designated “produce” time, where you actually work on things that are important to you without distractions.

You might deviate from that intention sometimes, but practice at least setting the intention, then practice trying to stick to it. You’ll get better with practice, as with anything.

The infographic below, designed by On Stride Financial,  explores the many things you can do to minimise the impact of work distractions and improve your overall output.