By now most of us have heard of the latest and greatest spin off of traditional workplaces. If the trend has not yet come your way, co-working or shared spaces is a concept rapidly growing in popularity.

The idea is that entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent workers, and corporations large and small, come together under one roof for an all inclusive, one stop office experience.

Typically, individuals who wish to work in a space with all of the benefits of a conventional office without the responsibility and hassle of maintaining the space, can purchase a membership to use the shared area.

Co-working spaces are popping up across the country, and world, each membership coming with its own perks. From free, reliable wireless access to a central location, what a shared space provides is different for each co-working organization.

Doing research on which space will fit your needs best is important, because likely if you are located in a major city, there is more than one co-working space to choose from.

We’ve narrowed down the many shared spaces on the market to our top two favorites, so that you can take a closer look at the countless advantages to each. Decide which space sounds like the best fit for you, and check out co-working for yourself!


A relatively new shared space, DeskHub has made a name for itself in the few cities it has reached so far. DeskHub’s main focus is on creating an entrepreneurial community where creativity, ideas, and networking can flow freely within their spaces.

DeskHub has found a home in the heart of each bustling city in which they reside, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Portland, San Diego, and Salt Lake City. The spaces are each centrally located, with shopping and food districts around every corner, and easy access from around the city.

The spaces are equipped with conference rooms, locked offices, both large and personal desks, print stations, wireless access, a kitchen, outdoor and indoor seating, mail service, and community events.

Although the pricing differs for each membership type at every location, the unique luxuries afforded to members are similar throughout each space. DeskHub’s “Flex Newbie” membership is tailored for those who aren’t quite ready for the commitment of a full co-working membership.

This includes access to the wireless network, print and copy stations, limited conference room availability, a fully stocked kitchen, and access to twelve days per month. The next membership, “Fixed”, includes all the entities named above, in addition to unlimited conference room access, access to the space 24/7, company signage, wired access, a mail service, and secured storage options.

A private membership is also available for those who desire a more secluded office experience. Additionally, community events are held by DeskHub, allowing for networking both personally and professionally to flourish within a community of like minded, driven individuals.

DeskHub’s spaces are contemporary, clean, and provide members the opportunity to become immersed in an inspiring space to foster innovative ideas and future plans.


WeWork is a collaborative space for those ready to accelerate the growth of their businesses, while working with a community of other supportive individuals along the way. With locations across the globe, WeWork has perfected the art of co-working by incorporating the needs of entrepreneurs everywhere into their spaces.

WeWork has shared spaces in major cities around the United States, and in an additional twelve cities internationally. Every location has been designed to bring the necessities of a traditional office space, and the amenities we all wish were in an old school workplace to life.

No matter where your local WeWork space is, high speed Internet connection, private phone booths to take calls, on tap beer for free, printers, common areas, coffee, tea and flavored water, a cleaning service, and on-site managers are provided in every location.

The specific pricing options are different for every location, but membership options are similar throughout. Members can choose from a range of membership types, each of which are month-to-month. “We Membership” grants members access to WeWork’s digital member network of over 40,000 individuals, events, and services.

Next, “Hot Desk” allows members 24/7 access to any seat in the house, and conference rooms, mail, and a daily personal desk can be added on. “Dedicated Desk” and “Private Office” memberships provide access to everything that WeWork has to offer twenty-four hours a day.

These memberships mimic more traditional workplaces with a personal desk and chair, trash can, lamp, and filing cabinet, to name a few. WeWork also encourages members to get to know one another at local events and through their network of members via digital platforms.

WeWork is a great choice for individuals looking to get into the co-working world, without having to take the plunge of a full time membership or long term contract.

Both DeskHub and WeWork are great options for anyone looking to use a shared space. Although their prices differ, the two organizations have similar membership options which end up being around the same cost, with the add ons that WeWork offers. Check out both spaces for yourself and reap all of the benefits that the rest of the business world has found in co-working.