The fast-growing on-demand economy is booming and attractive. Millions of people have taken advantage of the opportunities Uber and Lyft are currently offering to earn money.

Have a cool car you’re not using and want to earn extra income? Want to earn extra money driving for Lyft or Uber but don’t have a suitable car yet? HyreCar lets you rent out your personal cars to anyone who wants to drive for Uber or Lyft.

People with unused cars can list them for rent on HyreCar. And others who want to try out driving for ridesharing services like Uber/Lyft can rent those cars. Car owners can rent their car out and make over $1000/month for each vehicle. Owners’ earnings vary depending on location, price and demand. HyreCar is essentially the Airbnb of cars.

HyreCar offers the flexibility to meet people’s financial position. If you can’t afford a subprime lease, and don’t want the hustle of a contractual obligations, you can give try it out.

The rental cost through HyreCar includes liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. No need to go out and find insurance that will accept ridesharing, no phone calls, just sign up and they take care of everything. Insurance is already built into the total price, so you don’t have to worry about that.

It’s a free marketplace. The prices are decided by the car owners. Car owners compete against each other for your business, this naturally brings the price down for you.

You can try it out for two days by leveraging their 2 day minimum rental. it’s perfect for those who aren’t sure if they want to commit to ridesharing and just want to try it out.

Here is how it works for drivers

1. Go to the marketplace at and sign up.
2. Pick a car! Whichever car best works for you!
3. Click “Book Now”
4. Put in the dates you would like to book the car. You are required to book for at least 2 days.

If it’s your first time booking, you will be asked to submit for a Motor Vehicle Record check. After your booking is confirmed by Owner, your booking will be processed. HyreCar will email you and the Owner each others contact info. You can then contact the Owner and set up a pickup.

HyreCar will email both you and the owner a copy of your new insurance card. Registration will be provided by the Owner at pickup. Once you pickup the car, you can have it inspected by Uber/Lyft/Any-Other-Ride-Sharing platform.

You are now ready to drive and make some money. Owners have a chance to rate their experience with drivers at the end of the rental.

If you are interested in renting a car at HyreCar, you can find answers to your questions here. Car Owners can also read everything they need to know about getting their cars listed here.