These days, we can all set up an online store and start selling our wares in a matter of minutes. Many service providers make it quick and straightforward to set up an e-commerce site. You don’t even have to go to the trouble of learning a complicated e-commerce system!

Despite such innovation, there is one thing that many e-tailers struggle with. The need for offering flexible payment terms! People new to online selling assume that everyone is happy to pay by PayPal, for example. But, some customers don’t want to use a digital wallet.

They would rather use a card to pay for their purchases. It’s something everyone is used to doing when they buy from retail stores. So, why can’t they do so on the Web as well? If you run an online store and don’t accept credit cards, here are five valid reasons why you need to start doing so:

1. Your customers will trust you

It’s pretty simple to set up an account with a company that offers digital wallets. In fact, it takes just a few minutes. But, most people know that doesn’t prove an online seller is legitimate.

There are more checks done on sellers that accept credit cards online. That means they are less likely to defraud their customers. Accepting card payments means visitors will feel more confident buying from you.

2. International customers won’t feel alienated

Some digital wallets only allow people from specific countries to use their services. But, what if customers from ineligible countries want to buy from you? The brilliant thing about accepting credit cards is that you can sell to almost anyone in the world!

Plus, stringent checks from payment gateways ensure that cardholders aren’t doing any fraudulent transactions. For you, that means you’ve got better peace of mind knowing there will be fewer chargebacks.

3. More people will buy from you

I know I’m perhaps stating an obvious fact here. But, when you accept card payments online, more people will buy from you! Sure, you could offer bank transfer, checks, and digital wallet payments.

The thing is, most people would prefer to spend a minute entering their card details. And they can see the transaction debited from their account straight away.

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4. Accepting card payments is useful for impulse purchases

It’s no big secret that most of us buy things on impulse. The classic example is when we walk into a retail store and come out buying something we didn’t set out to get! The same thing happens on the Internet as well.

Customers will hesitate at completing a purchase if they can’t use a card to buy their items quickly.

5. Credit cards make it easier for people to buy expensive goods

Let’s say that you are an online store that sells electronic goods. I’m talking about things like computers, TVs and so forth. Some of the items you sell are high-ticket products.

This point is actually building on point four (impulse buys). Some people might want to “treat” themselves to something expensive. Paying by credit card means they can defer paying for it until they’ve got the money. And even if they don’t, they can still pay off their card over several monthly installments!

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