In the business world, there’s a bias against going green. It’s lumped in with hippy culture, which is the opposite of what most business-minded people want. But things have changed.

No longer is going green a significant disadvantage to business. In fact, there are many ways your company can go green and save money at the same time. Here are just a few ideas.

Use biodegradable cleaners

You might not realise it, but those cleaner you use aren’t great for the environment. When they get poured down the sink, they don’t just magically disappear. They build up in the environment and damage the ecology. No business wants to be responsible for that.

Now you can buy biodegradable cleaners. They don’t contain the harsh chemicals found in regular cleaners. And they are easily broken down by bacteria present in the environment. Plus, they’re a lot better for the people who work at your business.

Start conference calling

Everybody knows that business travel is damaging to the environment. That’s why business travel is such an issue. Businesspeople fly a lot.

On some flights business travel comprises three-quarters of the revenue of the airline. That means that businesses are responsible for spewing out vast quantities of CO2. But do they have to be? The answer is no.

Now technology allows them to communicate with their suppliers and clients instantly from anywhere in the world. Conference call services have plummeted in price over the last decade or so. And they’ve also improved in quality dramatically, thanks to the quality of connections.

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Power your office with green energy

Green energy has been a taboo subject in business for a long time. Yes, it is better for the environment. But it was also expensive; hundreds of times more costly than coal.

But now it’s 2016, and we’re in something of a watershed moment. Right now the price of solar panels per kilowatt hour is slightly below gas and coal in some places. And the price looks set to fall even more as the solar industry ramps up production.

In other words, renewables are on a relentless cost curve that keeps going down. Thus, businesses really can save money by getting on the green energy bandwagon. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

Use green web server companies

If you’re a modern business, there’s a good chance you run your IT through some sort of server company. If you use the cloud or bespoke IT solutions, you almost certainly do. Right now, servers consume an enormous amount of energy.

Running and cooling servers is very energy intensive, far more than most realise. As a result, some web hosts are trying to make their business models greener. They’re doing things like planting trees and using their own solar power.

To make your business greener, go with a web server firm that is being good the environment.

Do an energy audit

Finally, look for ways that you could save on your use of energy in your office. This will reduce the impact of your business while at the same time, reducing overheads. Simple changes like skirting under doors can reduce energy use by a fifth.

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