If you took time out from work when you had a baby and are now loving being a stay at home mom, but missing the challenges of work, then an option that may well appeal to you is starting a business you can run from home.

This would allow you to bring in money, have something interesting and challenging to do, and still spend most of your time with your young family – giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to work or staying home with the kids.

Starting up on your own

Thanks to things like mobile technology and the internet, there are lots of different ways you can run your own business without having to commit to being in a certain location at any given time, meaning you can work at home, on vacation, or while on days out with your kids.

You can also choose a business connected to something you are already skilled in from your previous career or hobbies, or something that you are passionate about.

Whether you design, make and sell products, buy a home business franchise, offer your services as a remote consultant or do something like web design or copywriting, it isn’t too hard to create a business that is viable and which suits you. But how do you prepare to get started?

Do you need to study first?

If you already have an idea or some skills you want to include in your business, you may feel that what you are lacking is knowledge about how running a business works in and of itself.

Luckily, as a stay at home mom, you have the option to first do something like an online accelerated business degree with a business school to supplement your previous work experience with management, business and leadership skills.

Top ranked MBA programs may seem to heavyweight if you are starting a small niche business, like making and selling crafts for example, and haven’t got the prerequisite work experience for an AACSB online MBA, but you can always benefit from doing some online courses in things like marketing and finance on the web to boost your skills and business confidence.

Making a launch plan

If you feel you have the knowledge and skills you need in the bag or are already studying to get them, the next step is to plan how you will launch the business. This will mean registering the business and making it official, and launching it in terms of trying to win your first customers or make your first sales.

Think about things like your plan for launching your website and social media accounts, how much you can spend on initial promotion, and also what your pricing is going to be. Making lists during this phase and even designing a proper project plan for launching the business can be really helpful here.

Once you feel you are prepared personally, and you have an actionable launch plan, all that is left to do is follow the plan and become a home business owner!