Succeeding as a self-employed business owner is usually much more difficult than working at a “regular” job. While being your own boss might seem like an advantage, it is equally a disadvantage because you become the only person that can determine your own success or failure, versus the easy alternative of just clocking in, performing simple tasks, clocking out, and collecting a paycheck every two weeks.

After founding several major rehab centers, including Serenity Point Recovery,  Per Wickstrom has found out that the challenges associated with running your own company can test your personal character, and oftentimes it is your own attributes, attitude, and approach that determines whether you’ll be successful. With that said, here are his five personal problems that can prevent you from reaching your entrepreneurial potential:

1. Holding onto the past

Most great entrepreneurs will tell you that they failed hundreds or even thousands of times before they succeeded. Failing to let go of your mistakes, shortcomings, and negative experiences can ruin your mindset going into today and tomorrow. Spending time thinking about a wasted or non-ideal past will only serve to make your present and future just as miserable.

2. Becoming addicted to substances or activities

This can apply to just about anything you can become addicted to, whether it be drugs, gaming, social media, or even just a hobby that gets in the way of your work. You need to eliminate anything that is becoming a distraction or is affecting your health in a way that you’re less productive during work hours.

If you have a serious drug addiction the first step that should be taken is finding a drug rehab clinic in your area. If you’re in Michigan he recommends Best Drug Rehab (in Manistee, MI).

3. Unbalanced relationships

Your relationship with your significant other, friend and family can also affect your productivity if your priorities are not in order. For example, a boyfriend or girlfriend that you find yourself thinking about too much, spending too much time with during work hours, or spending too much money on, could be hindering you from reaching your potential. Excessive generosity towards friends and family could be another unbalanced relationship issue.

4. Poor scheduling and punctuality

When you make your own schedule it can be very easy to give yourself lenience. If your goal is to achieve optimal productivity then the first thing you need to focus on is sticking to a strict daily schedule. Failing to set your own deadlines and take them seriously will surely put your business in a less ideal position than it would if you were to treat your schedule like a “real” job.

5. Lack of discipline

There’s an old saying that goes “discipline leads you to success.” This is by far one of the truest business proverbs in existence, and if heeded it’s guaranteed to result in transformational change in any endeavor. In this context, discipline means following through with your plans religiously and making every effort to do exactly what you’ve told yourself and others you’re going to do.

Improving yourself to improve your business

It’s no coincidence that most entrepreneurs are highly interested in motivational/self-improvement content. Behind every great company is an individual or a group of individuals who have invested a great deal of their time and effort into becoming more proficient at their jobs.

However, all of the traits that make a company stronger are built during the off-hours. Find the free time to enjoy introspect and form constructive thoughts about what you’re trying to achieve and how you’re going to get there, because the improvement of a business relies on the improvement of its owners and managerial staff.