Companies come in all shapes and sizes, from Apple to a little child selling lemonade; some companies are more famous than others, like Apple and a little child selling lemonade; some are more also useful than others, like Apple or a little child selling lemonade… right, I either want a new iPhone, or am seriously dehydrated.

Here’s a look at a weird and wacky bunch of companies that you may never have heard off and didn’t even know you needed.

Professional Huggers

There is an organization right here in the US that allows consenting adults to get together in a big room and cuddle with each other. Cuddle Party is for complete strangers to experience closeness with other humans whilst discussing the ideas of affection, closeness, togetherness, and consent. It’s both strange and wonderful, don’t you think?

Smelly Friends

This may well be my all-time favorite company. We all have that one friend that never smells as fresh as they should, don’t we? If you’re sat there thinking that none of your friends smell, then you’re the smelly one and might be receiving a parcel from My Friend Smells sometime soon; a company that allows you to send anonymous cologne wipes to a friend. Cruel, but it’s anonymous, so who cares?

Medical Marijuana Directory

Now that medical marijuana is legal in many states, it is being used by a great many people and is helping a lot with certain ailments. If you were confused you could go to Dispensaries which will show you all the best places to get edible marijuana. Apparently it comes in the form of jelly sweets, chocolate, cakes, and even BBQ food (you mix it into butter and cook stuff). All the weird and wonderful under one directory.

Three Footed People

We’ve all been there: you take your laundry out of the dryer only to find that one of your beloved Captain America socks has been lost in the vortex found behind every washing machine. It’s a sad time for anyone, but now, with the help of Throx (which just sounds like socks, with a speech impediment) you can buy a ‘pair’ of socks that actually have three individual socks. Now you will always have a spare or a complete set for Barbara your three legged friend.

Rent a Guest Mourner

Over in the UK (although it’s only a matter of time before we get it, too), you can rent a mourner to funerals. Yes, if that great aunt who was a terrible old biddy departs for pastures new and you fear that only three people will turn up to mourn/see what they get in the will, you