Love it or hate it, travelling with work is something many people have to do, which is why becoming a pro at packing will help to take a lot of the stress away. Business travel requires a different thought process to travelling for leisure and there will be some extra things that you’ll need to take along with you.

From flying long haul to using GoEuro for travel, these simple tips will help to ensure you’ve packed everything you need for your trip.


The last thing you’ll want is to be lugging a heavy suitcase all over the place with you, which is why packing light is a must when travelling on business. Opt for a lightweight suitcase and try to keep things as simple as possible with your clothing.

You’re going to need the essentials, such as underwear and socks, but try to limit yourself to one or two suits (if you’re only going for a few days). Select a couple of different blouses / shirts that will change your look so you can wear something different every day.

When it comes to your shoes, try to stick with something neutral that will go with the suits you are taking – black or brown are ideal. Don’t forget to take some casual clothing too so you can dress down during your time away from the office.

And, if you’re going to be exploring the local area while you’re there, pack some comfy trainers for all the walking you’ll be doing. Last, but by no means least, don’t forget a coat if the weather’s going to be cool where you’re going (opt for a smart casual one that doubles up for your meetings and downtime).

Electrical items

As you’re travelling on business you’re going to need to be able to communicate with the office back at home and your family and friends. Make sure you’ve packed the relevant chargers for your laptop and mobile phone and that you’ve got an adapter for the country you’re going to.

Other must-haves are travel irons, razors, hairdryers and straighteners.

Other Essentials

If you’re journeying somewhere new in Europe it may be a good idea to take a guide or translation book with you so you can communicate with everyone. It could also be handy to kit yourself out with a map of the area so you can navigate yourself from the hotel to meetings with ease.

If you’ve got a long journey it’s also a good idea to take some earplugs, eye masks and pillows with you so you can try and get some rest before you arrive there. Don’t forget some entertainment for the journey too as well as food and snacks (if these aren’t provided for you).

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When packing everything together try to organise everything in the order you’ll need it, making sure important items such as passports, boarding passes etc. are at the top of your case. Some airlines will have different restrictions about what can be packed where too (e.g. electrics and liquids) so always check before travelling.

Author: Melissa McKenzie travels around Europe extensively due to her job as a retail buyer. Having been in the role several years she has learnt survival tricks which she’s now sharing in her articles