All modern businesses need to have strong websites in order to reach new customers. If your business’s website is not up to scratch, you will be missing out on selling to a large segment of the market.

One of the best things you can do to improve your website is make it more intuitive and easier to use. This will keep customers coming back. No customers will come back if the website is difficult to navigate and use. So, here are the ideas that will make your business’s website more intuitive than ever before.


Before you can start to think about how intuitive your website is to use, you need to think about how people will find it. People can’t use your website easily if they can’t even access it. So, how can you make your business’s website easy to find and access? First of all, you should focus on SEO.

The best SEO techniques will allow people to find your website swiftly when they search for particular keywords. You should also think about linking back to your website when you post things on social media platforms. Offering people as many ways as possible to reach your website is vital.

Clearly divide the categories

Every website needs to have a series of categories for people to explore. These categories need to be divided clearly and intuitively. They have to be easy to understand if you want your website to be easy to use. There can be sub-categories under each heading.

Make sure that it is obvious where to find certain information and pages. If there are too many headings, and they are not laid out clearly, visitors will find it very difficult to find what they’re looking for. And this will just frustrate them; that’s not what you want.

Functioning search feature

How many times have you tried to use the search function on a website only to find it doesn’t work? It’s always frustrating when it happens, so you should make sure yours is working. It’s better to have no search function at all than to have one that doesn’t work.

The search function has to offer up the right results that are genuinely relevant to what the user searches for. You can ask a web designer to help you improve your search function if you are having problems. It’s an upgrade that is always worth making.

Make sure links look clickable

Websites can often suffer when there are links that don’t actually look like links. For a user to interact with a website in a quick and easy manner, every link has to look right. If it doesn’t look like a link, then the user will waste time trying to work out getting to where they want to get to.

So, when you’re linking to a new page, make the link look like a button that can be clicked. Or if the link is in a block of text, always make sure that the text is underlined, and a different colour is used. These are simple ideas, but they make a big difference to how intuitive the website is.

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