If you use your personal vehicle for work you can deduct business miles versus taxes or expense trips as company travel reimbursement. Keeping a proper mileage log sheet can be the source of a very good deduction for your small business.

For a business professional wasting hours each week generating a log by hand, a mileage tracker can prove very useful. It can be a nightmare if you have to do all the paperwork constantly.

MileCatcher wants to change that for your business. The app takes the hassle out of trip tracking. It logs all trips for free and auto-classify repeat trips saving you much time and thousands each year in tax deductions.

Every trip you take with MileCatcher will be logged in the app with options to categorize your trips. From business trips where you need details for expenses to daily commutes where you want to know how long you are in traffic, the app makes it simple to keep track. You can quickly swipe on a trip to categorize it and export a free monthly report for expenses.


Unique features include Auto-Classify™, Web portal admin delegation and ability to quickly classify trips when you exit the car without opening app using Apple Watch or Trip Notifications.

MileCatcher is not just for tracking and logging miles, but also provides traffic data so that you can see exactly how must time is wasted waiting. In addition, the app will alert you if you exceed the speed limit, brake too hard, or accelerate too fast which is a helpful feature for new drivers.

You can easily compare trips and filter to see the fastest route, check weekly and yearly estimates, and take a look at a map view that includes risky driving marks.