The great British pub – it’s where people gather to shout at Premier League football on the telly, where Nigel Farage holds court to countless frothing-at-the-mouth citizens, and where the notion of a pie and a pint feels like a gift from god.

This is where the magic of social life happens, the British equivalent to mainland Europe’s cafe culture, and where bonds are made that could last a lifetime. And what lies at the root of these bonds? A few pints of cider and a packet of pork scratchings.

But these pubs aren’t mere islands for drunkards and revellers. They’re complicated and potentially risky businesses, and their owners have had to become increasingly savvy to ward off the competition.

Thanks to the bulking behemoth that is Wetherspoons, many smaller independent pubs are under threat, and new establishments have to be diligent in their efforts to lure in customers.

None of this means that opening a pub is an impossible task, not least if it’s one of your passions. But it will take a lot more thought and energy than it used to. That’s why we’ve assembled a few of these tips to help you open up the ideal drinking establishment. Take a look.

Stand out from the crowd

A walk around your local city centre will introduce you to plenty of different pubs, each with its own distinct personality and style. Some will be geared towards middle class families, the types of people who want somewhere clean and bright where they can take their kids, while others are perfect for people who want a location that’s a bit rowdier.

Before you sink your cash into the perfect pub, it’s important to court the right crowd and make it a venue you’d want to drink in. Your establishment won’t ever be all things to all men, so to speak, but it can carve out its own niche if it starts with a solid idea of the customers it wants to court.

Get outside

Going hand in hand with the great British pub is the (far more elusive) great British summer. While it might not be the sunniest part of the planet, there’s nothing us Brits love more than the chance to sit outside in the warm weather and enjoy a refreshing pint and some crisps.

To make your outdoor drinking area look special, invest in some authentic hanging baskets for pubs that’ll add a splash of colour to your seating, and try to make sure your garden is a sun trap. After all, the Brits love any opportunity for a good suntan. Have you got any ideas on how to set up the perfect British pub? Then let us know in the comments below!