Recruiting the right people is essential to any business. Without skilled and dedicated personnel, it’s impossible for companies to thrive. However, while this is a key issue for many organisations, actually attracting and identifying the top talent can prove difficult, particularly for businesses that lack experienced HR departments.

One option for these firms is to take advantage of managed recruitment services. In the recruitment process for any company, time is critical; not only does it equate to money but the longer it takes you to hire, the bigger the impact it will have on your business.

If you think your company could potentially benefit from bringing in external expertise in this way and you’d like to find out more, keep reading.

An overview

Whether you’re looking to bring lots of new employees into your organisation or you simply need to fill a single position, managed recruitment could help. Essentially, this involves using third-party HR specialists to oversee and direct the process of finding the best possible personnel.

These experts can assist with everything from identifying your talent requirements to attracting the right candidates, assessing and selecting the most suitable applicants and helping new starters to settle into their roles. Whether your business lacks the time or the knowhow, or both, to recruit the right workers, this approach could suit you.

The different stages of managed recruitment

Recruitment is a two-way process and it’s not just jobseekers who have to impress. To succeed in taking on the best workers, companies have to make themselves attractive to candidates. HR specialists are adept at doing this.

They can help businesses to create compelling employer value propositions that appeal to the right people. In addition, they know which channels to use to reach out to suitable candidates, whether they’re graduates, experienced executives or any other demographic within the jobs market.

Managed recruitment experts can also use a range of techniques to hone in on the best applicants. For example, they can supplement the interview process with online tests, assessment centres and even in-depth psychological profiling.

Meanwhile, once people have been offered jobs, recruitment professionals can assist with the on-boarding process, meaning they can help ensure that these individuals settle into their new roles quickly and effectively.

How it could help your business

Managed recruitment does require some investment, but this should prove to be money well spent. As well as helping you attract the top talent, it makes the whole process of finding the right personnel much easier and it frees you up to focus on other things. You can concentrate on your core business whilst the experts take care of hiring the smartest and most qualified for your business.

It can also help you to avoid a range of potentially costly and damaging problems further down the line. For example, HR specialists will follow the letter of the law and ensure your business doesn’t become embroiled in legal battles over issues such as employment discrimination.

Given its advantages, it’s easy to see why managed recruitment is becoming an increasingly popular option for companies that are seeking to take on new staff.