There was a day that didn’t seem all that long ago, when we would sit around the coffee machine or a table in the break room or at home in the living room and would joke about a future when we wouldn’t have to leave the house, for anything! There was laughter about how comparison shopping could be done at home in front of a screen. Welcome to the future, essentially.

When the largest retailer in the United States is an online company (Amazon), where the online marketplace is just as – if not more viable than any other, it means things are changing…or have already changed.

Here is a picture of the “in-process” future right now, drones delivering consumer purchases to the buyer’s doorstep, 3-D printing that will literally ‘make’ the purchased item, (then probably deliver by drone), and there’s more.

It appears nothing is beyond the reach of the future. Warehouses that are completely automated – completely. Truck deliveries, minus the need for drivers and virtually every industry, process and activity known can and may be changed.

It used to be that our imaginations exceeded the grasp of anything and everything. Is it possible that technology, or the future itself could exceed the vision of our imaginations? It seems hard to imagine that, but we all may be witnessing the very answer to that question right here, right now – today.

Check the infographic below by the team behind for some very interesting facts.

Future of shopping