The marketing industry has proved time and time again that new does not always mean better. Indeed, there are forms of marketing and promotion that are still as effective today as they were twenty years ago. In business, you are constantly told to move forward with the time.

But what if old tactics still work? Shouldn’t you stick with them and guarantee the best service for your clients? We think so. It’s time to forget about the new kids on the block and start using marketing method we know are effective. Here are the ones we recommend.

Cold calling

There’s probably a PC term for cold calling these days. We don’t know what it is, and frankly we don’t care. We’re amazed that so many businesses have abandoned this form of marketing. As controversial as it is, there’s a reason it’s been around for such a long time. It works. If you want customers to buy your products or learn about your business, give them a call.

Get them chatting and convince them that a purchase is the right choice. You’ll be surprised how many people will sign up and don’t just slam the phone down. Cold calling or telemarketing (marketing friendly term) is cheap too. All you need to do is find an outsourcing company that offers this service. Let’s move onto online methods now.


For as long as Google has existed there has been SEO and PPC. Which marketing service is better. Well, let’s break it down. With SEO, there’s a chance you could see improvements in your search ranking. With PPC, you’re guaranteed to get results. Thirty percent of online users still click on the sponsored ads first.

That’s before they get down to, or even consider the organic results. We know what you’re thinking. PPC is expensive, right? Well not with the best PPC management software available. You’ll easily be able to handle your bids and always find the best-priced keywords. Simple, effective and yes, maybe slightly old fashioned.

Personal Merch

Did you know that movies are now made because of merchandise deals alone? You might think that the biggest profit for movie producers is the box office. On the contrary, it’s the merch deals. By the time the film hits the cinemas, it’s already profitable. That’s why flops aren’t the big deal that most journalists assume they are.

For marketers and business owners, there is one lesson to learn from this. Merchandise still works as a marketing method, and it’s affordable. For a hundred dollars or so you can buy a lot of merch in bulk. Sell it on or give it away for free and then the marketing pays for itself. All you need to do is make sure you’re sell a good quality product.


Are flyers too old school to still be effective? Not exactly, you just need to bring them into the modern age. The best way to do this is by using AR codes. With an AR code printed on a flyer, you can make an otherwise boring marketing campaign come to life. This is a great way of mixing old promotion with new methods of marketing to generate fantastic results.

You see what we mean? Old school marketing methods may seem outdated. But they are still valuable and more importantly, affordable!