Not relegated to stuffy conference rooms any longer, corporate videos have expanded from their previous identity of strictly in house training presented in a dry manner. Since the advent of the internet, the line has blurred on the ultimate audience for corporate videos.

For example, Shopify launched a video aimed at prospective job applicants which airs on YouTube. The corporate video not only shows the prospective applicant the company and how it works, it communicates its brand to the public as well.

Employee testimonials about the creative and collaborative environment add authenticity. By showing the creative set up of their brick and mortar workspace and the daily catered lunch, they show commitment to the personnel at their company.

What can resonate for prospective applicants of a company can also provide the general public information about the culture behind the brand. In an increasingly shared online experience, corporations are called to communicate their true selves like never before. Here are some hallmarks of the new trends in corporate videos.


In this new set up, authenticity wins. The audience wants to see people being their real selves, not an unrealistic representation of an unapproachable person. Benefits of the product, approach, or training need to be presented in a straightforward manner that shows real life situations.

The days of the overly polished spokesperson that looks like a model are over. The real world is diverse and interesting, and your video needs to reflect that.

In this corporate video for the Kickstarter project XY findit, the inventors of the device clearly explain how the device can be used to find things like keys, tablets, and even pets through utilization of Bluetooth technology.

They go from depicting how the development process progressed, to showing their final product in use in several real life scenarios. This Kickstarter project got funded many times over its goal as a result.


When you have humor on your side, you do not have to resort to flashy gimmicks or special effects. Showing humor in a corporate video lends a realistic human touch to your production and that appeals to viewers, whether it is an in-house training video, or a request for new investors.

Rather than inundate the whole video with laughs, a light application of humor is the most effective to engage the viewer and help them retain the message at the same time.

Done to scale

When you need to present a lengthy progression of complicated information, chose brevity over lengthy explanations. The most effective way to convey a series of detailed points is to do it over a series of short videos.

Scaling down the amount of information conveyed in any one video will aid in retention of the message. What was once one long and boring video is now a series of short self-contained snippets of well-retained information. The whole message is one that is created from several videos.

Clearly communicative

In order to train employees on procedure or show the benefits of your services you need to communicate clearly. How can you best communicate on a number of levels? What visuals and audio will best tell your story?

To most optimally communicate your message, you need to have a straightforward idea of what you want to communicate and a detailed plan of how you will execute it. This is where corporate video professional’s expertise comes in to create content that engages and communicates efficiently.


Corporate video production is a multifaceted endeavor that takes aspects of scriptwriting, dramatic direction, animation, and video production into account. A full set of production and post-production skills come into play even when used in an in-house video. You will want a team of video professionals that can deliver on a wide variety of creative skill and talent to tell your story in a novel yet clear way.

Corporate videos are the most successful when they directly communicate a message through engaging dialogue by people that the audience can easily identify with. A strategic packaging and pacing of the information presented prevents the audience from being overloaded with information or left completely bored.

Complete post-production services such as skilled editing and creative audio work result in a professional product that is enjoyable and easy to watch.

The medium of video has more uses and outlets than ever before thanks to technological advancements. With creative ideas and a message to communicate, your corporate video can reach out to more people than ever before.