If you are huge fan of slack and manage a growing remote team or currently working on several projects, you will love ReportChef, a Slack bot that helps you stay on track with your team.

ReportChef solves the problem of keeping track of what everyone is or not getting done. It serves prepared data to your team in Slack on a scheduled basis.

It does this automatically by gathering data from your team and task tracker then ReportChef serves the reports to your team in Slack. It reduces the chaos of chasing people for task reports and does it all automatically.


ReportChef prepares on schedule reports from your team and task tracker, so that you know what your 
team is working on, spend less time on standup meetings and reduce the level of chaos in Slack.

How ReportChef works

1. Setup questions to ask, sprint metrics to track and then schedule reports.

2. ReportChef interviews each team member for an overall daily progress. Everybody will see the aggregated report instantly once the meeting is over.

3. ReportChef gathers data from your task tracker.

You can get early access to ReportChef for free. And you can even get free subscription in ReportChef for up to 1 year by inviting your friends. To find out more become a beta tester and follow the instructions you get after signing up.