3D printers are becoming more and more common even among individuals who want to print everyday objects. They offer resources for homes, offices or workshops and hospitals. 3D machines are being used to produce a wide variety of objects including concept cars, houses, toys from children’s apps, unborn babies and even organs from a patient’s own cells.

A lot of new startups now make it easy to print many objects for business purposes. Companies are pushing the boundaries of the technology to do awesome things with 3D. These are a few ways your new business can use 3D printing for marketing purposes.

Business cards

One of the most successful ways to get your name into the minds of your target customer is to give them physical access to your contact information. Every business owner the world over would not be caught dead without a business card somewhere on their person simply for marketing purposes.

The standard business card is fine if you are simply giving someone a way to contact you, but you are building an empire when you are starting up your own company and the typical business card simply will not do. You have to be memorable in all that you do with your business. It is all about the details and the right business card will get you remembered.

Simple card stock business cards are able to be printed on any home computer with loads of different templates and programs that allow anyone to make a business card. It is likely that if you were to empty your wallet right now you would find at least five of these simple card stock business cards that fade over time and even get torn up in the process of putting in and pulling out cards that you actually intend to use.

There is however a way to stand out among the crowd and that is when you allow your business card to do something apart from simply sit in someone’s wallet. The use of 3D printed business cards enables the card to double as a letter opener, a multi-tool, and a variety of different objects that give the card purpose making it an asset instead of a simple card taking up valuable space and becoming faded over time.

Smartphone and tablet cases

Marketing yourself to the world is what will enable you to have access to the clientele you see while your startup is growing. Just like with the business card there are certain objects that you are going to have to offer to your customers that have your name on them. Traditional marketing tools are the standard pen, calendar, or even a paperweight.

The desire is to have the object around when your potential customer needs assistance in the particular area of expertise that you offer. The problem however with the traditional marketing products that are offered are not useful to the average customer.

People are attracted to technology. We do practically everything on our mobile devices and therefore pens, calendars, and even paperweights are largely obsolete because all of the information that we would gain from these objects can be accessed through our devices.

We can write down notes as well as our schedule and many of us stay on the go so much we are rarely at a desk in a standard office. The marketing of startups today has to have that tech savvy feel to it in order to attract the attention of customer.

One of the largest markets these days for marketing purposes is within the technological field. Smartphone and tablet cases are now more prized than any company pen could have ever be. There is also the emphasis on the use of apps.

Both of these marketing solutions can drive your startup to new heights. The smartphone cases enable your business name to constantly be in the hand of the potential customer and apps that offer a bit of entertainment along with your information can be accessed via any compatible device.

The stakes may be stacked against the average startup, but with the right type of marketing products in your lineup your name will stay in the minds of your customers and therefore drive business better than you would have ever thought possible.