Work is integral part of our lives. But the world of work is not the same in every country. What works in Australia may not necessarily work in Sweden or the US. Work-life balance is very important in Sweden compared to the rest of the world. Many companies in the country are trialling six-hour days to see what effect they have on staff.

A study shows employees get sick less, have lower stress, and work harder. Workers in Sweden are proving that spending less time in the workplace may actually be more productive.

Australia offers the highest minimum wage though and offer even more paid holidays than the UK. And South Africa clocks in the most average weekly hours worked.

In the infographic below, GoToMeeting compared the way Australia, the UK, Sweden, the US, Brazil, South Africa and Germany work, examining factors like minimum hourly wage,  parental leave allowance, paid days of sick leave, employee turnover etc. It shows you how your work week stacks up with those in selected countries around the  world.