The vast majority of startups get an online presence set up during their launch phase. It helps them to promote their brand on the Web and make communication with customers easier. Many of those web-savvy startups will use a platform like WordPress and a theme.

But, does it ever make sense to start from scratch and code a website by hand, as it were? It might shock you to learn that it’s often advantageous to do so. Here’s why:

Complete control

The trouble with using an off-the-shelf platform is that you’re limited to what you can do. If you code a website from scratch, you can decide how everything fits together. That means you have more scope for building a scalable website.

For instance, you could decide to add extra features to your site at a later date. Or “plug in” existing architecture with ease. It’s easy because you know the code and how everything is laid out.

You’ll know what each piece of code does

The Internet is full of panicked forum users that made changes to their CMS and killed their sites. Because you know the code behind your website, you are less likely to make a mistake when doing any updates.

Your site can be lean and efficient

Third-party platforms often have a lot of code bloat in them. They might query databases several times at once, causing unnecessary performance overheads. And they could even slow down the whole site in general with wasted code execution.

In contrast, a bespoke site coded by you can be both lean and efficient. That means you only program functions needed for each section of content.

Better SEO

Last, but not least, you can make your website more SEO-friendly. You don’t have to rely on bloated SEO plugins. Nor do you need to worry about things going wrong.
That also means you can ensure your site passes those pesky Google Penguin checks

Infographic Credit To Digitrio Pte Ltd