When you move your business out of homes, dorm rooms, or even garages, it’s a good sign. You’ve gotten enough interest and the funds to get your business into its own office.You’re moving on up!

While the office is empty, you should take some steps to help keep the office fresh in the long run. Here are a few tips.

Get it cleaned, thoroughly

Seriously, chances are there have been tens of companies using this office before you. And you don’t really know how well they kept it clean. Sure, they might have had a cleaner in there occasionally. But these places really need a deep clean once in a while. You don’t even know if the place has had a deep clean between companies!

Your best bet is to get it cleaned as thoroughly as possible before you actually have to have employees in it. You could get some professional cleaning products and do it yourself, but it’s a lengthier task than you imagine. I’d recommend working with professionals who you can perhaps work with in the long run. See unitedunlimitedcleaning.com for more details.

Decide on your lighting

The lighting in the office is one of the most underrated aspects. There are a lot of things you have to consider. After all, it’s the lighting that your employees are going to spend most of their day in. You need to think about what the most pleasant and the healthiest form of lighting is. You also need to think about efficiency.

If there is any way you can get more natural light into the office, now is the time to do it. People don’t really want to work under artificial lighting for so many hours. Of course, the type of artificial light you choose will affect that in a big way.

If you’re using fluorescent light, then employees might not be too happy in the long run. Try to get more natural light in the office, and make sure the bulbs you do use are efficient and quiet. See carbontrust.com for more information.

Dealing with mold and dust

You may as well take steps to deal with these things now. As I’m sure you know, dust builds up quite heavily over time. Not just in an office – pretty much anywhere you can think of. This fact often leads people to believe that it’s a pretty much unavoidable occurrence.

That the key is to simply keep on dusting the place as often as possible. (Or, you know, get the cleaners to dust the place as much as possible!) A lot of people think the same way about mold. Moisture in the air is inevitable, so occasional mold is too. Right?

What you want to do before getting employees in the office is work on long-term air care. You want to make sure the HVAC system works perfectly. You need to get air purifiers that can help absorb dust before it settles.

Dehumidifiers can help prevent mold, though a decent HVAC system should also see to that. You can even look into office plants that help keep the air clean! For more on the latter, see mashable.com.

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