You might be in the process of deciding what career path you want to follow. A lot of people are going to choose medicine because it’s a respected option. It also gives them the chance to help people in need and give their own life meaning. However, there’s one reason you should not choose medicine, and that’s to make money.

Don’t believe the throwaway lines in Grey’s Anatomy, talking about doctors and surgeons who make millions. This is just artistic license and for the first ten years working as a doctor can be a minimum wage job. After that, you’ll see your salary bump up if you are successful.

But you’ll never earn enough to get the beautiful sports car and everything else that comes with the lifestyle of the rich. If you want to make massive amounts of money, you should choose dentistry instead.

There are a few reasons why you’ll make a fortune as a dentist. Dentistry is a recognized medical skill, and it’s based primarily in the realm of private treatments. As such, if you set up a private dental practice, you could be rolling in money within just a few short years. What do you need to do this?

A Degree

Yes, it’s not rocket science, but you do need a degree if you want to start pulling teeth. You better make sure you get top-notch grades too because you’ll need them to get accepted into a great dental school. At this stage you’ll be learning by doing, working under the guidance of a professional.

It’s similar to being an intern doctor, except the pay is a lot better. You’ll start off with a salary of just over thirty grand. Yes, that’s quite low, but as soon as you have a couple of years experience, you can open your own practice.

Take a risk

With a few years in the industry, you should be ready to take a risk and bet on your talent. To do this, you’ll need a business loan which you can use to buy supplies, equipment and a place of work. If you’re smart, you’ll have started to save as soon as you took a full-time job in the dental field.

By doing this, you can limit how much you’ll need to borrow. You can also reduce the risk and the cost by getting a few other young dentists to join you. Remember, three heads are better in than one. Or, in this case, three bank accounts.

Don’t forget shops like BF Mulholland provide all the equipment you need at below market price. You’ll want to spend a few hours picking everything you need, shopping at an online store like this.

Hire a Marketer

You’ve got the equipment; now you need to start getting people through the door and in your chair. This is all about making sure you have a great marketing push from day one. It’s best to hire a professional marketing agency to do this. You can’t rely on people simply noticing that a  new dental practice has opened nearby.

You see, it’s possible to open your own business in just a few short years and make a fortune as a professional dentist. Saving lives can’t compete with that, can it?

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