So what exactly do I mean when I write “side hustle”? As you’ve probably guessed, I’m just trying to spice up the term “side job”, or “part-time job”. But don’t turn up your nose. Many successful entrepreneurs know the importance of the side hustle.

One of the great things about having a side hustle is that it can greatly expand your experience. It may not seem like you have a lot of time if you’re also planning on setting up and managing a business. But you’re going to look a lot better to potential employees and investors if you’ve got expertise in other areas. Check out these suggestions!


This is seen as the ultimate side hustle. It’s relatively easy to get into; there are basically no setup costs, and the risk of such an endeavor is low. Blogging is something you’re probably going to have to do for your own business anyway.

So it’s definitely worth getting some practice in. Writing your own articles is a great way of showing off your knowledge and skills. A well-written blog always looks great on a resumé.

It also shows off one of the most underrated aspects of any business pursuit. And that’s your unique business personality. It’s difficult to make money off of, that’s for sure. But it’s possible.

It takes time, a lot of time to actually make money from blogging. If you are patient and genuinely care about the topic you choose, you will go far.

Even though it takes a while to build a blog that has enough page views to earn significant money from advertising, you can ghost write post for busy bloggers who are getting paid. It gives you a better idea about your prospects.


Trading, naturally, is much more risky than blogging. Of course, that’s really the point. Trading isn’t something you can do without risk. And it’s the ways in which you tackle that risk head-on that makes you stand out in this field.

Getting into trading is an amazing way to get your head around modern businesses and finance. It will also give you essential insight into the various metrics people use to gauge the success of a company.

And, of course, there’s always the potential you could make big profit from it! If you’re new to this whole process, you can get help. You can use simulators to get some risk-free practice. You can even enlist the aid of a binary option robot!


One of the best ways to learn is to teach. That may seem like nonsense. After all, aren’t you just teaching people stuff you already know? How could you possibly learn something new from such an exchange?

But it’s a popular saying that teachers often learn more from their students than the other way round. You find out how to best teach something to someone.

You get the insight of young people who are new to certain ideas. (“Fresh pair of eyes”, anyone?) What’s more is that teaching other people looks incredible on a resumé. After all, who else but a master in that field could do such a thing?

You can make the most of online teaching platforms like Udemy. Consider selling your expertise online; musicians, cooks, life coaches, teachers, and crafters can all sell their knowhow easily and profit from what they already know.

There’s a multitude of online platforms that allow you to set up shop and instruct via phone, email, and/or video chat.


One of the most important keys to the success of any business is marketing. Which, of course, I’m sure you already know. But why don’t you try getting some more knowledge about marketing via a side hustle? There are firms out there who look for freelancers to help them with marketing.

With time, you can set up a marketing firm that handles PR for busy entrepreneurs and new businesses. Take time to build your portfolio via freelance work. Work your way to the top and you will be an expert in your chosen field.

This could involve the creation of Internet copy. It could be something as simple as adding bumper stickers to your car. Whatever the method, you can earn money while getting valuable insight into the world of marketing.