If you have had a great business idea that you think is going to be welcomed with open arms, you probably can’t wait to get started with your new career venture. Starting your own business is a very exciting prospect, and many new entrepreneurs can go on to become successful business owners, with some even opening up more companies or umbrella companies as off-shoots from their first venture.

Although there are no formal academic requirements to run your own business, entrepreneurs can always benefit from some additional education and training when it comes to their business growth and success. We’ve put together a list of some of the best degree courses to take if you’re starting your own business.


Analytics plays a vital part in running a successful business, and taking a master of science in analytics online can provide you with an excellent knowledge base for critically analyzing your business’ finances and various processes in order to understand what’s being done well and what could be improved.

Analytics is important to business, as it helps business owners and managers to stay on track and predict future results in order to aid planning and strategies. When you complete an online MSA degree, you will be more than equipped to deal with the analytics side of your company.


In an age where entrepreneurship is more accessible than ever before and competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer between businesses, undertaking a marketing degree could be one of the best decisions that you make as an entrepreneur.

Gaining significant knowledge in the field of marketing can make it much easier to get a new business off the ground, and can even be beneficial for owners of failing businesses if they need to turn things around.

Today, marketing is a massive part of running a successful business, with a wide range of different marketing channels to use. Taking a marketing college degree can help you to better understand how to market your business and products, who to market them to, and which channels are the most suitable.


If you’re thinking of starting your own business and are hoping to pursue a college degree which will allow you to get an all-round knowledge base about the industry, you might want to think about taking a master’s of business administration (MBA).

An MBA is a heavily coveted qualification, and graduates with MBA degrees are becoming more and more sought after and in demand, meaning that not only will studying for this degree enable you to become a better entrepreneur, it can also open up a range of different opportunities for you within the business world.

When you study for an MBA, you will learn about various topics within business in order to prepare you for different aspects of your potential future career.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, it might be wise to get some extra education first. But, whilst you don’t have to do a business degree to get the information you need, many degree courses are very useful for both new and established business owners.