Despite facing serious competition from social media marketing, email marketing is still a leading means of business promotion in the digital world. Converting a prospect into a customer and a customer into a repeated buyer requires you to pay special attention to all the quarries and suggestions, which is mostly via emails.

But, if you are running a small business and you have to pull out multiple activities yourself, then you might not get the chance to reply to all the emails personally and timely. In such a case, you need to seek the help of email automation software.

Email automation software are enabled with a series of installed automatic responses which results in nurtured leads. This helps your business increase its sales and ultimately its profits. Email automation helps you maintain connectivity with your potential customers even when you are busy somewhere else.

Auto contact imports

The software allow you to update data, initiate campaigns, and import contacts. You can bind your software with commerce websites. This adds the numbers to your list of potential prospects.

Segment your contacts

You can update categories of people with respect to area, nature of their jobs etc. in your software. This allows you to send targeted emails to specific audience.

Automate your emails to save time

Many companies are actively working on marketing automation software to facilitate your responses to your potential customers. This includes a series of responses; the invitation email to a potential prospect, a welcome email to a new subscriber, and response email to quarries and problems of the current customers.

Welcome email

Newly added prospects and customers can be easily lured away from your business, by rival companies, if you don’t give them proper attention. You can develop a welcome email for once, and then it will be automatically sent to every new subscriber on your business website.

Daily content update

You can update the day’s content once and then automate it to your software. The software will send targeted emails to selective people, saving you from all the hectic work.

Contact form

A reliable way to design automation around your business is by setting up a series of forms, each specific to a different category, which your customers need to fill online.

When someone fills a certain form, the software will trigger the response to his quarries, by sending him a relevant email which you designed in advance. This pre-drafted automated response is immediate in its nature and makes your prospects and customers feel valued.


Self-prompted follow-up is another facet of the email automation software which makes them very fit for small medium enterprise. We are cognizant of the fact that most of the prospects are converted into customers, and early customers into repeated buyers, only by proper follow-ups.

Email Marketing Automation software helps you send intermittent emails to people, keeping them interested in your products or services.

Smart content emails

Depending upon your contact’s social media interests and interactions, you can change the email content for every individual.

Moreover, there is an option available in the software, where you can include the receiver’s name. This makes your customers believe that you’re sparing time from your tough routine to respond to their quarries, personally.

Automated email marketing has received much plaudits in recent times. Leading marketing automation companies, like Agile CRM, are bringing up new possibilities to ensure you enjoy more time doing fun activities, leaving email responses to automation software. Timely emails with adequate content, sent using email automation software, are a guaranteed way to expand your customer base.