It’s easy to get into a mess when you’re renovating your business. Contractors often take longer than expected, demand higher fees or don’t complete the work. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate the risk entirely, without hiring your own construction crew. To give you a helping hand, this post explains some methods you can use to protect yourself.

Know the Law

It is extremely important to understand your legal standing when it comes to hiring contractors. In some places, you are completely unprotected if you don’t have a contract. But in others, a price and time quote is enough. The law is different everywhere, so this is research you have to do yourself. Most local and national governments have resources available online that make it easy to understand.

In most cases, it’s better to go as far as you can, even if the law doesn’t require it. Contracts are essential, even if the contractor argues otherwise. It’s a wise idea to record all of your interactions with your workforce, or to have everything done on paper or email. This will give you all of the evidence you need if the agreement you make is broken.

Use the internet

The Internet can help you here, in many ways. As stated above, you should use the Internet to help you research the law. But, you can also use it to generate any contracts you need. There are loads of websites that can do this for free for you.

Once you’ve got a contract, you can take it to a solicitor or lawyer to check for you. This will cost money, but will still be cheaper than paying them to write up the whole thing.

You can also use the Internet to find the contractors themselves. To use Google effectively, you need concise and logical search terms. Say you want to redo the flooring in your office’s lobby; swapping out that boring carpet for some stone, but want to use a service aimed at businesses.

You need to strip that search down, using as few words as possible to find what you want. This will help you to find the luxury commercial flooring & stone tiles that you need!

Once you find some viable candidates, use Google to help you find reviews. By checking that the company is legitimate in the eye’s of other customers, you get an honest idea of their reliability.

Prepare and monitor

Once you’ve decided who you want to hire, you need to get prepared. Ask for quotes, so that you both have an understanding. And build a contract around that. If the contractor refuses the contract, refuse to work with them.

When the work is underway, all you have to do is watch. If you have concerns about progress, voice them as soon as you can. Keep in constant communication with the contractors, and enforce the agreements you made.

This should give you a good platform to start building from. Pardon the pun! But in all seriousness, be careful. Do your research and always go to the extremes with your measures.