Admit it. Just admit it. You love a good old faff don’t you? Especially when you’ve got an important job to do and you just don’t feel like doing it quite so soon.

However, now is the time to sort out your priorities and focus entirely on the business in hand without the urge to waste valuable moments. So read on and don’t you dare avert your attention.

If you’re in the medical profession, we understand you’re extremely busy. We completely respect that. And yes you need your well deserved breaks. But do you really have time to answer office phone calls especially if you are rushed for time on the ward or talking confidentially to a patient?

So why waste their time and yours? But is there an alternative? Of course there is. You could invest in a medical answering service or ask the powers at be for a receptionist to help you out. You’re a busy bee. Don’t let them sting you.

If you’re lucky enough to be self-employed, then procrastination is unfortunately rife. Whilst working on your computer or tablet, you may be tempted to delve into the realms of social media or check out the football scores.

Everybody does it. We aren’t all perfect you know? Just remember to get your head straight and make the distraction as short as possible, otherwise you may not meet your goals for the day.

Likewise, those distractions can be frequent for those workers who work on fixing houses. Just make sure the cup of tea you are offered doesn’t stall into an hour break and beware that you don’t get too distracted by those passers by!

There’s a time and a place for a wolf whistle isn’t there? Furthermore, if you’re listening to the radio, don’t get too carried away by that favourite song of yours. It’s important that you save your dancing for discotheques, not for half built roofs.

In an office environment, it’s vital that distractions are kept to an all time low. You have targets to meet, numbers to make and clients to impress. Meetings are when phones and pagers should be turned off or at least put on silent. Your boss shouldn’t see you checking out Facebook or texting your mates.

Do that after work. Your head should be focused on the matter in hand. And that for the time being is not looking at last night’s drunken photos! Furthermore if clients see you do this, what do you think the repercussions will be?

They might sense a lack of respect and lose interest in what they originally perceived was a professional company. Don’t be that fool. Respect the fact that work time is work time.

You’re more than welcome to be distracted once you finish your shift. Put Netflix on and watch that new TV series, scroll through the endless Facebook timeline or start a new Whatsapp group. Just remember though that you get paid to work, not to procrastinate. So get your priorities right. Fast.