How important is marketing to a business? All I can say is that it can make or break you. You need to get it bang on and done the right way. O.k. you’ve marketed items for years. We respect that. However times move on and there are lots more ways nowadays in which to market your products.

So you’re probably used to the old style of marketing and there’s nothing wrong with that. Newspapers, TV and radio adverts, billboards and the slip of paper up in the post office all work in their own way. We are not arguing that. But there’s so much more in which to promote your company, all of which are at your fingertips.

Think online. You’ve got a good computing brain and if you haven’t, get learning now. The easiness of advertising your company with literally just a single click gives you more time to liaise face to face with other clients as well as your staff who daily like to be felt appreciated.

And we all know how valuable time is in business. So get a website sorted. Don’t be shy in doing this. Expense is not a factor unless you employ somebody to deal with this side of things, which you can do if you have the room to stretch the budget.

Alternatively you can get help externally via websites like Your overall aim is to attract clients to your website so use plenty of colour and lots of bold lettering. Stand out from the crowd. This is your one chance to shine.

If you’re not sure if it appeals, go out on the streets with a couple of members of staff and showcase it to the general public. Record what they say and make adjustments if required. No matter how much you liked your old design, It’s not for you. It’s for the rest of the world to look in on.

As well as a website, get on social media. Again, if this is not your thing, get someone in who can do all the nitty gritty and can update it when needed. This gives you time and space to focus on other parts of the business.

Using websites like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can not only advertise your business and look out for new clients but also do your staff acquisitions. This way of promoting vacancies will bring in thousands of CVs, not just the one or two that will see the little sign in your local post office.

If you’re a stickler for old ways of marketing however, why not try a technique that still works. Face to face marketing. Getting yourself around in crowds like country shows and town events will raise your profile with the public and drum up interest, especially if you can somehow wangle a guest speech for yourself. What’s the harm in trying? It’s your business after all? So you can show it off in whatever way you like.