Once you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort coming up with your product, developing a prototype and then setting up a business, you are then faced with getting it out there and getting it sold. This is where your product marketing matters – and going about this need not be as challenging, as there are lots of easy ways you can go about it; what follows are five examples:

1/ Make the most of social media

Your business will most likely have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles as these platforms are an effective means of free advertising to access a huge online market. So, what you should be doing is posting as regularly as you can about your new product to gather as much reach and exposure as possible before you launch it.

And remember to create specific content for each of your social platforms. The mistake most markers make is that, they share the same content on Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn. But what works on Facebook may not necessarily work on Twitter. Measure and share marketing resources the right way.

2/ Carry out a PR stunt

Another effective online method is to carry out a PR stunt that indirectly showcases the product. Many businesses do this as it’s another great way to access a huge audience; to give you an example, retailer SGS Engineering once set up a foosball table that was operated using their screwdrivers which saw huge viral success.

Storytelling sell not features. Stories are much more effective at drawing people to products. Huge brands like Coca Cola, Apple, and McDonalds are better at telling us stories we identify with. A strong marketing stunt can be a valuable tool for any company.

3/ Offer Free trial 

Depending on how much you can afford – and if your product can allow this – you might want to offer a free trial to showcase just what your goods can do. This can be a very effective way to entice people and then convert those who are impressed by the product during their free test period.

Most people are used to 30-day free trials. If your product is awesome, a free trial can be an effective way to get people to use your product and extend usage even after the trial period is over.

4/ Email marketing still works

It might sound old hat, but email marketing does work and many businesses use it to promote a new product launch. You should do the same – it might be that you tie this into your free trial campaign as well and use email outreach to target consumers. It’s one of the most powerful and personal ways to connect with your customers. Don’t choose social media over email marketing. You can combine both for maximum results.

5/ Blogger outreach is essential 

Speaking of outreach, another great way to market online is to send your product to bloggers and get them to review and promote these to their social following. Such influence can be invaluable for a new product – it might be though that you need to negotiate or offer more financial incentives to your chosen bloggers in order to get them to agree to this.

However many of the above approaches you eventually use for your product marketing is up to you. The smart move of course is to use as many of these as possible to give your product a bigger and better chance of being picked up by more consumers. So give these a try today and get your items into the public eye.