Entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many hats during the startup phase, but there are a few areas where outsourcing is not only necessary, it’s critical to success. Accountants, lawyers and similar professionals are able to help organize a business while offering specialized guidance in areas like finance and law.

That’s how you construct a firm foundation for long-term growth and stability. However, one area that is sometimes minimized or overlooked is IT and software development.

Why technology matters

A startup often has limited financial resources in the beginning, and owners tend to channel available funds into marketing, promotions and product development; old-school logic maintained that technology was something you could add or expand later.

However, technological requirements in business today go well beyond putting together a website or automating certain functions. While those other elements certainly retain their importance, shortchanging software development or putting it off can set a startup back before it’s even out of the gate.

The good news is that the advent of open source development platforms and virtual environments have made technology more accessible, affordable and convenient. You don’t have to know the nuts and bolts of building platforms or programming in this new design-driven atmosphere. The bad news is that allows more competition into the market, and they’re vying for your customers. That’s where dedicated software development comes in.

Customized software development will allow you to:

– offer your customers a high-quality experience
– increase brand recognition
– market your product or service more efficiently

Not only do the above-mentioned factors help you establish a sustainable web presence and solidify your customer base, they’re also a huge factor in how your website is ranked by search engine analytics.

Even if you have a background in technology and marketing, the specialized knowledge and effort required to implement software development right will divert your energy and attention from core areas of your business. The solution is to contract a development company that not only gets the technology, but also understands the challenges you’ll face as a startup.

Benefits of software development outsourcing

Outsourcing used to be considered a dirty word in the corporate world. However, as technology becomes an essential component for even the smallest company to thrive past the first stages, outsourcing IT is the smart thing to do.

Skimping on development can even break your business. Unfortunately, many small business owners simply don’t have the time or the expertise to tackle this on their own, and the cost of maintaining an internal IT department is often out of reach.

One of the first things you’ll do as a new business owner is a cost-benefit analysis of your immediate needs versus your available startup budget. For example, do you purchase office equipment or lease?

Hiring IT and development staff to work in-house adds to your overhead costs through recruitment, training and payroll, not to mention the expense of installing the necessary infrastructure. In-house development will also split the focus of you and your staff and shortchange the quality of your products or services.

An outside IT and development team will do one thing, and do it well: take your idea and work with you to convert it to a workable, scalable business commodity. Outsourcing will also widen your access to available experts by casting your net in the global talent pool while keeping the pricing competitive.

Through outsourcing, nearly all of the collaboration is done online, so you’re not limited by time or geography when it comes to finding the best value for your investment dollar.

An established software developer often has a far-reaching network that will help when it comes time to market your idea. As experts in their niche, they’ll also be privy to industry best practices, the ever-evolving search algorithms and emerging technological trends.

You’ll also have built-in tech support, software testing capabilities and ongoing IT consulting services that will provide you with the insight and agility to tailor your development needs as your business grows or markets change.

If you want your IT services done the right way, look for an established software development company for startups that has a proven track record of real world success. The right company will help you avoid problems like:

– security and confidentiality breeches
– delivery delays
– quality control issues
– lack of focus

Choosing a company like Redwerk offers the perfect solution when you’re in the market for one-stop software development. Redwerk focuses in on the unique IT requirements startups face while combining a solid, data-driven process with innovation from inception to launch. When you’re making an investment in your company’s future, choosing a development company that knows the ropes will give you an ROI that continues to pay dividends far down the road.