Photo sharing is booming. The importance of great imagery is constantly increasing. Pinterest and Instagram have millions of active users who share images every day. Instagram has over 500 million users. And 300 million people use it every day. The photo sharing app hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down.

For businesses and marketers, a large Instagram following mean a lot more sales, more views, and a stronger community for your brand. It gets better if you can grow your following every week.

InstaHeads is a great new tool that can take your Instagram marketing to a new level. It’s an organic tool that helps building genuinely interested audience around your brand. The app helps brands and celebrities engage real people’s attention to their Instagram accounts fast and safely.

InstaHeads‘ smart queueing system not only executes your daily tasks, but also guards you from reaching Instagram’s limit of follows and likes per day.


You can use InstaHeads to gather the real people around your brand. Get genuine followers, likes and comments.

The InstaHeads team believes that farming temporary likes and follow-backs is pointless, and ultimately leads to blocking your Instagram account.

How InstaHeads works

1. Download and install InstaHeads application. It’s available for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

Download the InstaHeads application here

2. Launch the application and log in with one or more Instagram accounts you want to promote.

3. Start searching for posts by one or multiple hashtags at a time, by location; find followers and commenters of your competitors. You can filter posts by date and number of comments.


4. After the search you will be able to comment and like particular posts to start engaging with your brand’s potential followers.

5. Follow accounts containing the posts you like.

6. Select all the posts and launch automatic liking, following and commenting.

If your brand or marketing team is still struggling to find the right application that would help you find genuinely interested people and maintaining connection with them, while being safe and user-friendly, download InstaHeads today. It’s free. Start building up real community around your brand.