Every time we get paid, our eyes inevitably drift to the tax column of our wage slip to see the deductions from our pay, money that we’ll never see. It can certainly be disheartening, especially as we never truly see what our taxes are spent on.

Remember that if you need help with your taxes, there are services and companies designed to help you stay on top of your finances, whether it’s arranging for a CVA to keep your business afloat or a fresh set of eyes to look over your books. Here are a number of ways that paying taxes helps across the country.

Government budget

The entire infrastructure of life as we know it in our respective country is only possible because of the taxes we pay in contribution to our government. Within the UK we have a proportional representation system where we elect our MP’s to form a government and make decisions on our behalf. Our taxes pay the wages of all representatives, officers, employees and the day to day running costs to keep the country chugging along.

Amenities and utilities

As well as contributing the economy on a national level, our taxes also benefit on a local level to our schools and ensure that education is fee for everybody. Even if you don’t have any children yourself, your taxes could play for a school that educates a doctor or nurse who saves your life in the future.

Taxes also pay for the maintenance and upkeep of our roads and bridges to ensure that we can get to wherever we need to, whenever we need to. The number of unfilled potholes across the  UK, due to lack of government budget, further highlights the importance of everybody paying their tax properly.

999 services

It’s a number we hope we never have to use, but the chances are that we’ll all have to at some point in our lives. When do dial 999, we trust that emergencies services will be able to help us out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether we need the police, an ambulance or the fire brigade, those services can only continue to operate for as long as they receive funding from public taxes. Surely we all dread to imagine a time where we sorely rely on emergency services and there being no one around to help us due to the lack of paid taxes.


Although we all dislike paying tax, the risk of evading it can do us a lot more harm than good. With the tax paid from every pay cheque, we should be proud of how we’ve contributed to the budget and to the public services we all take for granted every single day. It is our responsibility as citizens of this country, and not one that should be ignored.