When was the last time you were able to afford a proper vacation to a popular destination, without having to starve your budget? Are your savings never just enough to visit that one craved place? Do you dream of the golden Bali beaches and envy all those who somehow managed to party to their hearts’ content in Cancun?

The news is that you are not the only one. That is why we bring to your attention a couple of clever and easy ways to cut your costs or make some additional income for your travel savings. Choose the one that suits you best and forget about those complex budget calculations – you maybe you will be able to finally afford the craved vacation.

1. Become a freelancer

Some people are simply great at freelancing. They offer high quality of service, thanks to their expertise. Freelancing requires an initial investment close to zero – all you need are time and desire to do it! You can still keep your 9 to 5 job, while making some money on the side for that amazing trip to Thailand you want so much.

Find your niche – coding, writing, editing, and forget about that tight budget you’ve been trying to allocate equally.

2. Become a couch surfer

This is for people with more adventurous spirit. Couch surfing implies that you will be sleeping on someone’s couch for the time of your stay. CouchSurfing is the biggest hospitality service worldwide and gives you access to millions of options. The best part – you do not have to pay for the couch you are going to crash on. This can greatly alleviate the costs associated with vacationing.

Of course, there are a lot of safety concerns regarding the couch surfing practices. If you are not ready to face the risks involved, consider other options.

3. Go digital!

More and more business move to the digital field, opening online shops, getting closer to their customers. Today, thanks to the social media phenomenon, every person with a hobby can start marketing themselves, most of the times – for free.

If you are good at creating hand-made jewelry, have a good eye and camera, you can start selling your creations, stock photos and more online. This is probably a slow way to start making additional income but it is easily achievable.

4. Join the wolves of wall street

Wait, we know you can’t imagine how that can happen, but we also know how it can! Think about going wherever you want, eating at the best restaurants, shopping from the biggest brands – sounds great, right. And you won’t need to that on a budget.

Online investments are the tool which gives ordinary people access to the huge trading world. Systems for automated trading can help you jump head on in the field, even if you have no knowledge or experience whatsoever.

Trading software, such as the so-called gemini2, is developed with the exact purpose of helping you achieve your financial goals and funding all of your desires. It is a quick and easy way to finally gather the funds you need for that magical trip to the Caribbean islands.

5. Cut your costs

Of course, if you don’t mind hurting your standard of life, you can always save from cutting your everyday costs. You won’t be making additional money, but you will be saving faster. Start cooking, take lunch to work, discover the magic of secondhand fashion.

But who likes this? No one, that’s who! Most people do exactly that and still vacation on a budget. And the goal is stop counting every cent and start enjoying your leisure time. Of course, you can always hold a garage sale or sale the things you do not need online.

Since this option does not guarantee you will raise enough money to fund your dreamed vacation, we made sure to offer you one more way. An unconventional one, but proven to work.

So pack your bags and go!

Have planned your next destination, yet? Start planning because these methods to fund your vacation are easily accessible and you can start accumulating the additional income you need from this very moment.

Enjoy your next vacation and don’t forget to cherish your amazing memories!