An organised business is a productive business. While you and your employees may not be blessed with the uncanny ability to tidy up and sort the office, there are solutions that will help you keep track of where everything is. Organising your business is a group task and all your employees should chip in to help. Here are four ways to help you take control of your business.

1. Remove clutter

Sure, we don’t mind a little dust or mess around the office, it gives it some personality and makes it look like we’re all working hard. However, sometimes there can be a bit too much clutter and even moving around or looking for documents can be difficult.

Ditch the broken electronics and outdated hardware. Don’t become a business that hoards all kinds of useless junk. Recycle or resell it, just don’t keep it laying around and taking up valuable space.

If you’re feeling generous, donate hardware that you no longer use to a charity or other nearby businesses, just make sure they aren’t your competitors. Get rid of old paper documents and switch to a more manageable solution.

2. Switch to cloud storage

Physical hardware storage is expensive, bulky, and is prone to failures that will take ages to get fixed if you aren’t tech-savvy. Ditch the chunky boxes and switch to the cloud. Services such as Dropbox will allow your employees to share and download files on the fly without having to connect chains of cables to servers and hard drives. It’s convenient, inexpensive, and there’s very little chance of any failures affecting your work.

Cloud storage can also apply to bookkeeping and messages. Instead of using paper documents and loading up cabinets with papers that you can’t even track, switch to an online service with an easy to use interface that will do the sorting for you. Still using snail mail? How about switching to a digital mail service instead?

3. Utilise external storage

If you’ve ever sold a product, you’ll probably know the pain in trying to keep track of stock and finding a place to store it in your small business. Move it out. Your can save plenty of space by moving your storage space out of the office and into dedicated storage units.

You can store anything from paper documents to products, and old outdated hardware that you no longer use. This goes hand-in-hand with removing clutter, and there’s nothing better than having a dedicated area to dump all your stuff.

4. Tidy up social media accounts

Social media accounts have to be passed around employees unless you have a dedicated marketing person. However, it can get frustrating trying to wade through all the Facebook and Twitter followers and messages. Deciding which people to keep added on the company’s friends list can be a time-consuming task.

Take the time to sort out social media accounts so that your company’s feeds aren’t filled with useless junk posts or spam. It will save your business time, and by extension money if your social media handlers have an easier time managing the accounts.