The World Bank has revealed its annual report, ‘Doing Business 2017’, and we have carved out these 15 countries that made it to the top of the list. World Bank has ranked 190 countries according to their ease of doing business. The country that stands above all this year is New Zealand.

It only takes 1 day to start a business in New Zealand. Singapore comes right after New Zealand, making it to rank 2. There are quite a few countries from Europe that made it to the top 15 countries on the list. The United States and Australia have been ranked 8th and 15th respectively. The info-graphic has taken 4 factors of comparison.

The factors that separate them are simple:

  • Ease of doing business rank

  • Number of days to start a business

  • Number of procedures involved

  • Cost of starting a business as a percentage of GNI per capita.

You may also read about the best feature of each of these countries in the infographic (created by Market Inspector) below, based on reports from Doing Business 2017.



  1. Residency or business visa indicator should also be part of the rating process, cause its no point if the country is good in business and red tapes with visas for startups & investors.

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