The construction industry is as strong as ever. But this doesn’t mean you should get overconfident when it comes to starting up a new construction company. The fact is that there are so many mistakes you could make in this field that could quickly see the destruction of your business.

You’re not going to be able to avoid every problem in the business. That should be clear enough from the outset. But there are everyday problems, and then there are devastating problems. Problems that will lead to destructive legal action, a ruined reputation, and exorbitant costs. These are the things that end up ruining so many startups. Don’t let this be a problem with your construction business.

We’re going to take a look at some of the biggest mistakes you can make. These are the ways in which your business could quickly fail. It’s possible that bigger construction businesses would be able to work through these sorts of faults regardless. As a startup, however, you simply don’t have that luxury.


It’s almost so obvious that we shouldn’t really have to mention it. But how can we not? Workplace injuries in construction are the most common cause of lawsuits and government involvement that end up ruining a business. And if you’ve allowed a worker to get injured, then it’s hard to argue that these measures aren’t deserved. You must make sure you are following the OSHA safety regulations. Construction can be a dangerous business – protect your workers.

Not enough capital

You’d think that many startups tend to ask for a lot more than they need and end up getting into trouble for it. But a lot of startups actually miscalculate the resources they’ll need going forward and will end up seeking less than what they really need. Don’t go into this process assuming that asking for a lower amount makes it simpler for you to actually get the loan you need. This might be true, but it shouldn’t be the fact that guides you. You’ll need a lot of money for this venture – so make sure you get it.

General mismanagement

Construction jobs will always take a long time. But there is such a thing as too long. These commissions are usually set with a vague deadline, but the deadline does need to be adhered to. So when the project itself is mismanaged, that does not bode well for the business as a whole. Delivering things too late can result in a ruined reputation, especially if it could easily have been avoided with better practices. It may be worth looking at construction scheduling software to improve matters.

The wrong tools for the job

A lot of startups take less than stellar equipment on-board in order to save money. They buy things second-hand, or go for really cheap options that are missing key features. While this is understandable, and can actually help others businesses a lot, it isn’t something you can afford to do in construction. Your tools need to be stellar. They need to be powerful and efficient while remaining cost effective. Make sure you’re putting quality first, not cost-cutting.

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