The last few years has seen a massive increase in the popularity of coffee shops. All over the world, countless coffee shops are opened every day. With so many cafes opening worldwide, competition is fierce. What separates a strong business and a weak one? Prior to planning the opening of your coffee shop, it’s essential that you do some extensive research. Research can help make a huge difference in your business in every stage of the process.

Checking out the coffee stores in your area is vital. Being aware of their offers, prices and general atmosphere of each establishment will allow you to be better or be different. What can you offer your customers that other establishments cannot?

There are many ways in which you can launch your coffee enterprise – whether it’s a coffee cart, boutique café or large coffee store. By selecting a location that has lots of foot traffic, you’re ensuring the maximum amount of people will be aware of your shop on a daily basis. The size of your shop will also affect how many beverages you can serve.

Additionally, the type of coffee you plan on serving will also determine the coffee equipment you’ll need. For example: press pots, cappuccino machines, French presses and drip coffee machines. The infographic below from Espresso Works has some crucial steps that will help you open your café! Let’s check it out!

Opening a café in the near future? Will you be following the guidelines in this infographic? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!